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two roads

Branching paths fork in front of you. You know not where either takes you, but you must be

brave to tread on them; especially the untrodden ones. That was our catalyst for Two Roads - 

a women's empowerment organisation led by two sisters who embodied soft bravery and a willingness to flow in exploration.


Deep-Level Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Print & Social GTM

brand context

Two Roads is a culmination of learnings. While running spoken word programs, most participants who showed up weren't prolific writers or poets; they were women homemakers, and students, and new grandmothers. Women who were often invisible to society; teen girls, married women and elders among others. They spoke of their trials and joys that seem trivial to the cultural zeitgeist. From this emerged the fount of need - the need to create an intimate space for expansion - through life-skill upliftment, productivity workshops, spiritual practices, and artistic retreats. Often, all at once.

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the language of lines

A quiet resonance was our guide. A methodical flow of lines takes space to form a clean yet critical design structure for the brand and the tones of the forest and the path, where the roads diverge, shade the accents. Among its visual ease sit braver words. Semblance of a rippling, yearning heart.

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All questions start with a quest.
Let's journey through them

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