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ziro festival of music

As India's greatest outdoor festival celebrated its 10th anniversay, it looked to carry on its  legacy logo yet flourish the rest. With a keen sense of what made it diverse, we creaded a brand structure and identity that brought lush verdants and tribal motifs of its host centre-stage. Under bamboo shade and blue-skies in tow. 


​Deep-Level Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Rebrand, Social Media GTM

brand context

Ziro takes name from the picturesque Ziro Valley, nestled in Arunachal Pradesh, where the festival is held. Borne to preserve yet highlight this pristine valley and its inhabitants, the festival promotes indigenous tribes, uses locally-sourced materials like bamboo and employs local community members to host attendees - always prioritising sustainable practices and featuring artists from Northeast India while showcasing Indian and global independent music scene.

Thus did our work begin- to encapsulate the spirit of their legacy logo yet make it vibrant and expansive for their future plans.

logo white

a world of earthen rhythm

A visual identity rooted in lush greens, tribal insignias and the colourful flowers that dot the valley;
this 10th year was a celebration of it all and a setting for more to come.

logo white

All questions start with a quest.
Let's journey through them

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